Academics FAQs

What degree programs do you offer?

We offer two programs – the Associate of Applied Science and the Bachelor of Mortuary Science.

How do I find out what my state licensing requirements are?

The National Funeral Directors Association compiles licensing requirements for all 50 states.

What courses do you offer? Do students take electives?

We do not offer electives; all students take the same courses, as a cohort. Learn about our AAS curriculum and BMS curriculum

Where can I get a list of textbooks? Do you have a bookstore on campus?

At this time we do not have an on-campus bookstore. See the AAS textbook list and BMS textbook list. 

Does CCMS have a library on campus?

Yes, we have a library dedicated to mortuary science and a full-time Library Director.

What will I have to do in order to graduate?

When does your next academic term begin?

Who do I contact with questions about academics?